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  • 3 Strand rope with Co-Polymer fibres of Polyethylene & Polypropylene
  • Mono-filament Yarns
  • Light Green in colour. 
  • Also available in Black


  • Approximate strength of Nylon rope
  • Less stretch than Nylon rope
  • Extremely UV Resistant
  • No loss of strength when wet
  • Resists rot and mildew, stores wet

Superline can be used for any type of workout that requires great strength and abrasion resistance but without the expense of Nylon or Manila ropes. 

Most commonly used sizes are 1" - 2" in diameter. Length can range depending on preference and type of workout. 



3 Strand Manila



  • Three strand rope
  • Available in 4 Strand
  • Lubricated fibres
  • Medium right lay(Z twist)
  • Balanced ply construction


  • Natural, bio-degradable
  • Good Handling properties
  • Low stretch
  • Cost effective

Manila Rope is a natural fiber and is one of the most commonly used ropes in regards to any workout as it is very durable and flexible.

Natural Manila rope fibers will absorb sweat, so the surface of the rope won't get slippery when in use, therefore making it easier to maintain a constricted grip.

Most commonly used sizes are 1"- 2" in diameter but can go up to 4". Length can range depending on preference and type of workout.